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Certification Procedures

CHFCA Certification Process

We are honoured to have a team of Inspectors, Auditors, and Islamic Scholars and with exceptionally experienced team to get you certified. CHFCA uses a simple five Islamic Halal and Food Safety processes for the assured satisfaction of the manufacturer and the consumers who rely upon our Halal Certification:

Assessment Process:

The CHFCA team meets the representative (s) of the Company to assess the size of business, personnel, and preventive techniques with relation to Halal and contaminant free process. Based on the discussion, a yearly price proposal is agreed upon to sign the document of Halal Certification Process.

Stage No: 01

Evaluation process is commenced through the inspection of Reception dock, Recombination, Reconstitution, Portioning, Segregating, Processing, Production, Packing & Packaging, and Storage through Plant schematic and Product flow diagram. Physical inspection is part of the evaluation.

Stage No: 02

Auditing process is commenced through the critical analysis of all incoming Meat & Poultry through Halal sources, Raw Materials, Ingredients, Additives and the Personnel directly involved in a Halal manufacturing process more stringently when a slaughtering is involved. Besides auditing, a physical inspection of the processing and production facility is part of the total auditing process.

Stage No: 03

Haram Preventive Procedures (HPP) discussed with the Production team to avoid Cross contamination with assured laid and documented procedures.

Stage No: 04

Completing the required Audit forms to complete the Halal Certification Process; PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FORM – CHFCA 01, Anti Haram Contaminants Guidelines CHFCA – 02, PRODUCT INGREDIENT AS LISTED IN THE FINAL PRODUCT CHFCA – 03, Product HALAL Auditing Plan CHFCA – 04, Haram Hazards BCP PLANT AUDIT CHFCA – 05abc, and ABBATTOIR AUDIT FORM CHFCA – 06. After the protocol of understanding, the forms are signed by CHFCA and initials taken from the company representative of the audited and inspected Halal Food Manufacturing Organization.

Stage No: 05

The Certification Process: Certificate of Halal issued for the Halal & Zabiha Slaughtering, Processing, Production and Packaging with specified listing of the products which were screened for the certification. A time table is set for the monitoring of compliance as per the Islamic Halal Process (IHP) through a scheduled visit of CHFCA inspector (s).